From EZ Trainer stabilizer training wheel customers

''Eric. Could not believe how I must self was able to negotiate and feel quite safe on my own bike!!! I would be a willing sales rep, that is how much good I experience in these..... Amazing...... Peace!''  

--Renee, New England, USA 

  ''My son is learning to ride his bike with the help of EZ Training wheels. He is loving being able to bike with the stability the extra wheels provide. The wheels nicely help build his confidence.


The only snag we had with mounting the wheels was to figure out how to attach the extra support bar from the saddle to the A-frame. We never figured that out. It might not work on the bike he has. It is stable without it though. Thanks EZ! Great product!''      Jenny S Wakefield

"My mom has Multiple Sclerosis - hence her balance is not what it was. She walks with a cane or walking sticks most of the time. She loved to ride but had not ridden a bicycle in 6 years. She was starting to look at trikes but those are so hard to transport and heavy. She wanted to be able to load the bike up and take it to bike paths around the state. So I worked with my local bike shop NBX in Narragansett to find alternatives to the trike. I came across EZ Trainer and loved the idea that they could go on any bike. So Matt and the team at NBX helped me find an Electra step through cruiser with 3 speeds and a coaster brake (that my mom was used too) we got a set of the EZ Trainer adult wheels and mounted them up. I gave my mom the bike on her 70th birthday and she loved it!! it was perfect! We then also found a hitch mount rack from Thule that worked perfectly for her as it comes with a ramp - it is platform type carrier - Thule Easyfold 9032. When the bike is on the outermost space on the 2 bike rack you can leave the wheels on. It is a perfect set up! At 70 she is smiling like a kid at Christmas with a new bike and has her independence to go and ride anywhere!  


‘’I like your product a lot. It has enabled me to ride a bike again. I have MS and have trouble with balance and getting my feet off the pedals. I ride 6 miles a day now. It is a key part of my exercise routine.’’


‘’It is a DiamondBack and I bought it at Sports Authority. I sent a pic to your email. I have probably logged a couple thousand miles since I started. I also think you should advise people to avoid installing the wheel axles behind the main bike rear axle and even a little ahead of it to facilitate turning.’’ Kurt, FL



"I purchased this item from one of your distributors and they work better than I expected. My daughter is enjoying her new freedom of riding a bicycle. The suspension of the coil allows for smooth turning. Thanks for engineering such a great product."
-- Mario E.


"These training wheels help the rider to gain confidence back. Very innovative way to retrofit your bike without spending a fortune on an adult tricycle." -- Patrick from Lambert


"I recently bought the EZ Trainer wheels for my bike. I have had both knees replaced and the doctor said I could ride a bike, but I needed stability wheels to prevent any falls. I found the EZ Trainer wheels online. I called the number listed to get more information about the wheels. I was treated very well and all my questions were answered on the phone. I would recommend this product to anyone that has a disability or balance problem riding a bike. The gentleman I spoke with was very kind and understanding, I love the way I am able to ride a bike at my age (67) the doctor said it is the best exercise for my knees. Thank you for making a wonderful product."  
-- Ruth, Ohio

''Recently purchased these stabilizer wheels and they are fantastic. After undergoing bilateral knee replacement surgery, I needed a little more stability on my bike and these are perfect.'' -- Joan NY

''I got these wheels for my autistic son. He really wanted to ride but has problems with balance and when he starts for fall over, he didn't remember to out his feet down. From the first ride with these wheels, he was riding like a pro and feeling a sense of accomplishment and pride. Your product is awesome and has brought our family great joy!'' -- Erin

"Your ingenious design has been a benefit to many of our customers. Your product has allowed many physically challenged people to utilize our product for a total body workout that otherwise would not have been possible. Your product has made a difference in many of these people's lives. Thank you very much for your wonderful product and the wonderful service!"

-- Ron from Rowbike

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