How to install EZ Trainer Adult

Please select the installation tab that corresponds the most to your bicycle.

Step Procedure

Step 2
Do the same on the other side and now tighten a little bit more, both sides.

Step 1
Unscrew the nut on bicycle main rear axle one side only. Align the hole at the bottom of the U-Bend over the rear main axle (align one end of the Security Chain hole over the rear main axle) and then screw axle nut back onto axle.

Step 5
Attach Coil Spring on each side, do not over tighten. (so you can adjust later)

Step 3
Attach (curved) (different versions to adapt) Support Rod/s from bicycle fixation point and now attach (straight) Support Rod from the top of the U-Bend.

Step 4
Attach Support Rod/s together and adjust U-Bend so that it is straight. Adjust the U-Bend to be straight and then close the lever. Should be very much tightened

Step 6
Attach 16” inch side wheel and put the other end of the Security Chain onto the  axle of the 16” inch side wheel and tighten.

Step 7
Adjust Coil Spring height and adjust 16” inch side wheel height, then tighten very tight.
When properly installed both side wheels should be on the ground

Step 8
Re-verify that all bolts, nuts, screws and nuts are very tight.

Step 9
Verify tire pressure.

You have just installed an excellent product named 

Always wear a helmet. 
Enjoy and ride safely!

Part list

A: U-Bend (1)
B: Coil Spring (2)
C: U-Lock-2H (2)
D: Flat Plate-2H (2)
E: Security Chain (2)
F: U-Lock-1H (2)
G: Flat Plate-1H (2)
H: Washers (10)
I: Support Rods 
Flat (2)
Curved (3)
Bag (1) 
J: 16 inch side wheel (2)

Required Tools

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